About heat treatment solution

Purpose of the foundation

Heat treatment is the base technology that supports the high quality of Japanese products.Heat treatment has been diversified because various heat treatment technologies had to be developed in accordance with advancing production technology.Even then, new challenges are constantly arising in production processes.And, we must ask if the heat treatment of our customers really be optimized in quality, delivery, cost and so on?

By proposing an optimized heat treatment method
to the problems our customers have
we strive to maximize customers’ profits.

The solving power of Metal Heat Treatment Solution

There are about 550 heat treatment companies in Japan. But, most of them are specialized in a certain field of heat treatment.
Thus, administrative costs are added on customers to select a proper treatment company according to the type of heat treatment required.
Also, these companies tend to answer technical questions of customers in a narrow perspective of their field.
Metal Heat Treatment Solution is an expert group consists of specialists from various fields of heat treatment.
This convenient and consistent one-stop office covers heat treatment of all steels. Even for technical problems and inquiries, specialists will work closely to examine from various angles and propose the best solution.

  Untreated material, carburized material Structural carbon steel Structural carburized material Carbon tool steel Spring steel Bearing steel Cold work die steel Hot work die steel High-speed steel Martensitic stainless steel Ferritic stainless steel, etc. Non-ferrous metal
Salt bath quenching      
Bright quenching      
Liquid carburizing quenching (without anti-carburization)                  
Gas carburizing quenching (without anti-carburization)                  
Gas carburizing quenching (with anti-carburization)                  
Vacuum quenching      
Vacuum annealing and solution treatment
Sub-zero treatment
Cryogenic treatment
Induction hardening            
Gas soft nitriding      

Centralized management with Metal Heat Treatment Solution

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