Heat treatment technologies of the Solution

Vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatmentVacuum heat treatment is a heat treatment method, in which products are heated up and cooled down (in gas or oil) in a vacuum condition inside a furnace. Quenching steel in the atmosphere leads to a reaction between iron and oxygen to form scales on its surface. But vacuum heat treatment will not induce oxidation nor decarburization and leaves a bright surface.

Characteristics of vacuum heat treatment

Bright surface even after heat treatment
Vacuum leaves no space for oxidation nor decarburization
With less CO2 emitted, it is an environmentally friendly clean heat treatment.
It causes less dimensional change and smaller variation in hardness.
× The treatment cost is usually high compared to other heat treatment methods due to expensive equipment.
× It is normally processed in batches, so rush orders have to reserve a whole furnace.

Characteristics of our company

We have the largest-class furnace (1,300 x 1,300 x 1,650) to treat large and long pieces.
The optimized setting actualizes the quenching with low distortion.
We have one of the largest sub-zero equipment (800 x 800 x 1,200) in Japan to carry out super sub-zero treatment (up to -196°C, called cryogenic treatment) that improves wear resistance.
The high load capacity furnace (2,720kg/gross) makes way for mass treatment of heavy pieces.
A continuous hydrogen furnace allows the low-cost solution treatment with a beautiful finish.
Because we own a continuous vacuum furnace, we can flexibly deal with a rush order.


Large vacuum heat treatment furnace 2 units H 915 x W 915 x L 1,220 (2 bar)
Super large vacuum heat treatment furnace 2 units H 1,330 x W 1,330 x L 1,650 (2.9 bar)
Vacuum heat treatment furnace 2 units H 600 x W 600 x L 1,050 (10 bar)
Vacuum heat treatment furnace 3 units H 600 x W 600 x L 1,050 (6 bar)
Vacuum tempering furnace 2 units H 600 x W 600 x L 1,050  
Continuous vacuum heat treatment furnace 1 unit H 600 x W 600 x L 1,050 (3 chambers) (2.8 bar)
Vacuum heat treatment furnace (oil cooling) 3 units H 600 x W 600 x L 1,050 (Vacuum marquenching treatment capability)
Continuous hydrogen atmosphere furnace 1 unit H 200 x W 320 Core tube size: 4,100
Vacuum cleaning chamber 2 units H 650 x W 800 x L 1,300  
Super large sub-zero equipment 1 unit H 800 x W 800 x L 1,200 (Specification: -190°C)

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