Heat treatment technologies of the Solution

Gas soft nitriding

This is a heat treatment method, in which steel absorbs nitrogen to form a nitride that hardens the surface. The surface hardness formed by this method goes far beyond that of induction hardening and carburizing. So, it is best suited to improve wear resistance of sliding parts. There are various kinds of nitriding, such as salt bath nitriding and ion nitriding, but we use the mainstream gas soft nitriding. This method diffuses nitrogen in the surface by adding ammonia gas in a nitrogen atmosphere and maintaining temperature at 550 to 600°C. The resulting nitride hardens the surface.

Characteristics of gas soft nitriding

It improves the resistances to wear, fatigue and corrosion.
Its low treatment temperature assures very low distortion.
It can harden wherever gas reaches, so it can treat small gaps and inner diameter, which are not suited for salt bath soft nitriding or ion nitriding.
The finish is clean because impurities and oxide film do not stick to the surface.
Because the surface is harder than quenching, it is suited to improve the wear resistance of sliding parts.
× Not suitable for high Cr steel or austenitic stainless steel.
× Its thin hardened layer is not suited for products under strong pressure.

Characteristics of our company

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Gas soft nitriding furnace (pit type) 2 units Ф600×1000

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